Getting to know Katlego Maboe

You might just know him as “The guy from Expresso” But boy have I got news for you! Singer songwriter, MC, presenter and qualified accountant Katlego Maboe(29) generously took the time out of his very busy schedule to allow us to get to know him slightly better. Hope this gives you a few chuckles and simultaneously fuels you with inspiration.

Let’s get to know Katlego:

 Nickname you grew up with?

Mmutla which means “rabbit” in Setswana. A nickname given to me by my late uncle who once saw me sleeping with my eyes half open and so he thought it appropriate.

 What was your most embarrassing moment as a teenager?

I asked a popular girl to be my girlfriend during a Sunday visit and I’d even written a song for her. Alas, I was friend-zoned into the next galaxy.

 At such a young age you are a singer, songwriter, MC, presenter and qualified accountant! What drove you to accomplish all the things you have in such a short period of time?

An insatiable desire to make my mother, my family, friends and myself proud of the hard work and sacrifices invested into my life. I owe it to  them to succeed. I have no excuses.

I believe that there is greatness behind greatness. As a young man/boy who was your role model and why?

My mom. She is the most selfless and strongest person I know who when confronted with the toughest challenge in her personal life story chose to protect me and face the harshness of life. In doing that she opened up an entire world of possibilities for me to thrive in. A world I now get to enjoy everyday.

 Seems like you are a very busy guy. What goes through your mind when waking up in the morning?

“Thank you Lord for waking me up!”

A day in the life of Katlego Maboe?

No day is ever the same. The only constant is the early wake-up call time and 6am start on Expresso. Every day is filled with meetings, client engagements, training, planning, rehearsals, etc. All these occur in interchangeable order depending on what needs to happen. That’s what makes what I do so exciting. I am in charge of what I choose to fill my day with and thus feel like I am in control of my destiny with God’s blessing.

Have you set any goals to wish to accomplish in the near or even distant future?

Yes, I want to start putting original music out into the world and performing as a professional musician. I’d like to do that while continuing to grow my broadcasting career towards that “Ryan Seacreast Level”.

If you were to advise someone who wishes to achieve what you have, what would you say to them?

If you can dream it you can do it… but be prepared to be tested and to work hard everyday. Most of all, enjoy the ride!

Follow Katlego:

Twitter: @KatlegoMaboe

Facebook: Katlego Maboe






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