To: Jesus

Hey Jesus,

It’s been a while

Possibly the first time in a long time

You know, behind all the pride


You and me

We go way back

It started with a desire that faded

My words, my dreams, my love,  my time wasted


Why oh why did I trade You in just to be liked?

For a moment

A lifetime in exchange for a moment


I’m serving You

But do I really know You?

A headless chicken praying for visions that aren’t even mine


Let me make it mine

Or maybe I should just give it time


Who knows?

This could just be an overreaction

But I’d rather overreact than not react at all

Stop stalling


I’m sorry for pretending

When I didn’t even know how to point You out in the crowd

Between all the false gods


And I shouldn’t be surprised that You’re still by my side

Throughout all the silent denying


So from now on I’ll serve You Lord

Like there’s no tomorrow

And if I fall again

I’ll just read this poem

To be reminded of Your grace

Let me embrace this Heavenly space


In You I’ll find everything I need

Without the vanity

I will make You part of my reality


Thank You for reminding me




Knocking, knocking, knocking

Till I opened up my heart


This is but the start…



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