Who said being thirsty is a bad thing?


I’ve come to familiarize myself with this term recently whilst watching a Steven Furtick sermon, entitled The Thirst Trap. In the modern society we live in today,  people are described as being thirsty when they are in dire need or desperation for something or someone (e.g attention).

We live in a day and age where people are always thirsting after the wrong things but nobody said that being thirsty is a bad thing, right?

When I look around me I see a generation who is in constant need of something or someone. What we don’t realize, myself included, is that the things we thirst for today will only satisfy us for a moment. It should actually be obvious seeing that we end up being thirsty for it everyday.

There was this one time I befriended someone from my church. We started forming a very close friendship. What I didn’t know though, was that I was being entrapped. Not by the person, but my dire need and desperation for her friendship. The more time we spent together, the greater the thirst became. And yes I used the ‘we are edifying each other’ line when God told me to let go. I realized that me not wanting to let go was just drying me up on the inside. My thirst only ended when God tore us apart. This was a relationship I never thought would harm me in any way because the both of us serve the Lord.  There’s this famous saying that  ‘too much of  a good thing can be bad’. And trust me, we were intoxicating each other without even knowing. Now my relationship with this person is just me giving a description as to what a thirsty person is and what the consequences are if you thirst after the wrong things. Can relate? Great. People thirst after many other things, such as their family, sex, their phones and even themselves. How often don’t you thirst after something that just cannot seem to fill you? I’ve mentioned this before, but let me say it again. The God we serve is a jealous God. The thirst you have should be quenched by Him. The major difference between being thirsty for God and thirsty for the thing that is consuming and entrapping you now is that God always satisfies. The more you thirst after Him, the more your cup overflows. You will never be empty.

The next time you are in a position where something or someone you love is taken away from you, know that you’ve been too thirsty and God wants your attention.


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