Blogging: A self-made work experience


When I was first told to open a blog page for academic purposes during my first year as a journalism student I was hesitant. “More unnecessary work for me”, I thought. I wasn’t intrigued by the necessity at all. It’s been a year now and I have come to realize that in the society we live in today, every job we apply for needs experienced employees. For student journalists blogging is the most efficient way of going about it.

Every job applicant needs a rooted platform from which they have gained experience from, especially journalists. At first, and as you can see in my first few posts, I was assigned to write about very boring and uninteresting topics. This is what kept the essence of blogging away from me. I then decided to write beyond the borders of what I was assigned to in class. I wrote about what intrigued me and as a result, I attracted an audience and gained recognition without even working for a publication yet. This is what every student journalist should aim for.

Whilst blogging helps with experience, it is also a way of creating better opportunities as journalism is a thriving and very competitive industry. Employers will more likely be interested in an applicant with self-made work experience.  More-so, blogging allows for a greater level of engagement between an author and their audience. This helps when you are unsure about what your niche is.

Want to be at the top of the list when looking for a job? Create a blog.


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